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At Avicenna Clinic, we understand the importance of time and efficiency and our GP referral system is designed with that in mind.

GPs can use the following methods to refer a patient:

If a patient is planning to claim the cost of treatment on their health insurance policy, they will need to contact their insurer before the appointment/operation to ask for an authorisation code.

If the patient is self-funding their treatment, we will let them know about our charges before the procedure is carried out. This will be confirmed to the patient via email or letter.

Please complete and submit the form below. A member of our team will be in touch shortly to confirm the booking. Should you require immediate assistance and same-day response, please feel free to contact our team by telephone on 0330 202 0597

If you have a referral letter please upload this here.

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The clinic will get in touch with either yourself or the patient to arrange an appointment.

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