Access To Treatment

Accessing treatment at Avicenna couldn’t be easier.

Using your insurance?

1) For a referral to the clinic, simply speak with your usual GP or other health professional to refer you a consultation.

2) Before your appointment, you will need to obtain an authorisation code from your insurer. This is to ensure that any diagnostic tests that we may need to carry out are covered by your insurance company.

You may have an excess to pay, but your insurer will confirm when you speak with them. If there is an excess to be paid, don’t worry – you will not have to pay before you are treated. You’ll receive an invoice from us later and can settle that with us directly. All other costs will be paid directly to us from your insurance company.

Paying for treatment yourself?

1) Use the online booking form or give us a call 0330 202 0597 to make an appointment.

2) Before treatment, we will give you a full breakdown of all charges; which will be confirmed by email or letter.

If you would prefer to see our private, in house GP, please get in touch to Make an appointment.