Independent, consultant-led Avicenna Clinic is a Centre of Excellence for minimally invasive surgery, imaging and intervention procedures.

The clinic has been designed by a specialist medical architect to accommodate a cutting edge medical practice that operates over three floors.

It houses state-of-the art MRI, X-Ray and Ultrasound suites, dedicated consulting rooms, an operating theatre and relaxing patient spaces, built with accessibility, privacy and comfort in mind.

Situated in Peterborough City Centre, the clinic is easily accessible, has ample car parking and excellent transport links with train and bus stations situated close by.

The clinic has invested heavily in technology which allows consultants to offer a ‘one stop service’ where diagnosis and initiation of treatment can be undertaken in a single visit rather than a series of appointments.

This flexibility and convenience in service means a reduction in waiting times and patient stress as well as a more efficient regime for consultants, nurses and operatives.

Using the Infinitt Physician Portal, patients’ data, status and results of diagnosis, tests and treatment plans can be shared easily with referring GPs and other medical professionals, offering a more streamlined workflow of the patient’s clinical data and examination history.