Bupa Visits Peterborough Private Clinic

Dan Howcroft, BUPA’s regional medical director, visited Avicenna Clinic – a private medical facility in the heart of Peterborough – to talk with leading consultants about the benefits of working in the private healthcare sector.

Avicenna Clinic on North Street, Peterborough, is due to open its doors this autumn.

The evening was attended by more than 25 consultants alongside specialist healthcare accountant Ray Stanbridge.

Dr Hany Elmadbouh, lead consultant and radiologist at Avicenna Clinic, said: “I would like to say thank you to Dan Howcroft and Ray Stanbridge for sharing their wealth of knowledge with myself and the consultants.

“Consultants at the clinic will be offering the highest quality in patient care. The patient experience is vital to the clinic. From booking the appointment, or being referred, to treatment, the patients’ wellbeing will always be at the top of the agenda.

“Jacquie Moon, the clinic manager, has a background in healthcare and this adds to the compassionate care the clinic offers.”

Avicenna Clinic is planning to open later this year and will be offering imaging, consulting and minimally invasive surgery.

The clinic also offers the region’s first Open MRI facility.

Bupa Visits Peterborough Private Clinic