Man I feel like a woman!

The female body is quite phenomenal. Apart from the subtle differences between the male and female physiological make up, the female body undergoes some significant changes and stresses over the course of a lifetime.

However, accompanying this miracle make-up, that allows us to reproduce and continue the cycle of life, are a myriad of health concerns, complaints and complications that see most women needing to visit a GP or specialist at some point in their lives.

There are many reasons for the increase in demand for female health services, from the improved profile of some conditions, better knowledge and education to external influences, (such as intentional delays to starting a family), that are seeing a rise in demand for infertility treatment. This is being seen and felt by health professionals around the world.

We’ve also seen improvements in medicine which has resulted in an increase in demand for menopause treatment services, proving that the support for female health extends beyond those “baby-bearing” years.

Hany Elmadbouh, lead consultant at private healthcare facility Avicenna Clinic in Peterborough comments, “I think that there is an increase in demand for health services generally. We’re living longer, have a better understanding of illnesses and conditions and are more open to getting help than we have been before. However, there are certain areas where I am seeing a marked increase in the number of patients; gynaecology and fertility in particular.

“We are fortunate enough to have some of the country’s top consultants working at the clinic; Alka Prakash, one of the leading consultants in fertility, Aparna Gumma, whose expertise covers menstrual disorders and menopause, among many others, and Bruce Ramsay who is known in particular for his expertise with endometriosis.

“Many of the conditions women come to see us for see them living in a great deal of discomfort day- to-day. Having access to a range of consultants, and the ability to be seen, diagnosed and have a treatment plan agreed all in one day has a huge impact on their lives; both physically and mentally.”

Step aside ‘Girl Power’, what we have here is ‘Girl Empowered’.

There’s no doubt, the female body is a marvellous thing. And it’s reassuring to see that the increase in demand, and indeed support, for female health services is so apparent.

Man I feel like a woman!