Avicenna has specialists across a number of clinical areas, reinforced by an excellent support team, providing integrated diagnostic and treatment services to meet the most demanding patient requirements.

Patients are either referred to Avicenna clinic from GPs, or they can make direct bookings to see specific consultants using the online patient booking facility or by telephoning the clinic directly on 0330 202 0597

The initial appointment with your consultant is likely to last approximately thirty minutes. If your specialist suggests further investigations following your appointment, these will be carried out on site at the Avicenna Clinic. If you need to have treatment this will also be offered at the Avicenna Clinic.

Your specialist, if required, may refer you to a colleague for further treatment. In this case you may then have a follow-up appointment with your specialist to discuss your progress. If it is appropriate, and you decide to proceed with surgery, Avicenna Clinic will provide you with all of the necessary information and reassurance that you need before you undertake the surgery.

If you are planning to claim the cost of treatment on your health insurance policy you will need to contact your insurer before your appointment/operation to ask for an authorisation code. If you are self-funding your treatment we will let you know about our charges before the procedure is carried out. This will be confirmed to you via email or letter.

Your opinion really does matter to Avicenna Clinic and it is essential that you can have an open and honest dialogue with the team in a confidential and non-judgmental environment. Whether it is a positive or negative statement, improvements and enhancements can only be made if you the patient, let us know to do so.

If you would like to speak with a member of our team about any concerns that you may have, in the first instance please talk to the nursing team or department manager. They will be happy to assist you. All concerns maybe escalated directly to the clinic manager if your issue is not resolved within a reasonable timescale.

If you have positive news, and of course the team hope that this is always the case, then why not let others know about your experience by visiting one of our social media accounts and sharing your positive experience.