Image-guided (intervention) injections


If you have been suffering from a painful condition or injury, the chances are that you will have considered or undertaken a variety of courses of treatment and therapy.

Well known among these treatment options is a cortisone injection, which is inserted in or around the affected area. And whilst this often delivers some short-term relief, depending on the condition or injury, there is likely to be some return of symptoms over time.

At Avicenna Clinic, we treat each case individually and understand that each patient’s case, pain levels and cause is different. And therefore their treatment should reflect this.

Using the most up-to-date imaging technology, consultants can deliver the most effective treatment directly to the most affected area, which means that the immediate benefit and longer term prognosis are much improved.


Treatment Options


MRI Guided Injections

MRI is known to provide more accurate imagery in particular for the spine and neck, which count for the largest percentage of conditions causing severe pain.  This level of imaging allows the consultant to see nerves, blood vessels and other soft tissues that are not seen with X-ray fluoroscopy, it is not only safer for the patient, but allows the consultant to deliver treatment right to the centre of the most affected area where it has a better chance of working, as well as consider the wider pathology of the patient’s individual case.

Thanks to the ‘accessibility’ of the Open MRI Scanner, the consultant can administer the treatment to the patient whilst viewing the detailed MRI scan of the specific area. Something that is not possible to do with a standard closed tunnel MRI scanner.

And because the treatment is delivered directly to the most affected area, patients often see a significant improvement to their condition, which often reduces their need for further or additional treatments.


X-ray Guided Injections

Particularly effective for joints and spinal injections, this procedure allows the consultant to inject anti-inflammatory painkillers directly into the affected area.

Carried out under local anaesthetic by a consultant radiologist, a dye is injected into the affected area, which enables the joint area which is to be injected to be identified.

The whole procedure can be carried out in 30 minutes and you will be able to go home the same day.


Ultrasound Guided Injections

An ultrasound guided injection combines both the advantages of an ultrasound procedure and injection.

Thanks to the Ultrasound technology, the consultant can ensure the most accurate delivery; reducing risk and injury to other tissues, nerves and tendons and without exposing the patient to radiation.

Used to treat painful musculoskeletal conditions associated with arthritis, sports injuries, nerve injury, and degenerative disorders, Ultrasound allows for real-time imaging of abnormalities in nerves, bones, muscles, tendons, and other body parts.

The entire procedure will be carried out within a couple of hours and you will be able to return home the same day.


Same-day service

Avicenna Clinic offers a unique ‘one-stop’ service utilising their Open MRI facility. Patients can talk through the procedure prior to the scan, have the examination and then talk through the results with the radiologist immediately afterwards. There is no need to wait for the results.

This is an exclusive imaging service offered at Avicenna Clinic and is the first of its kind in the Peterborough private healthcare sector.

The digital MRI scan images are recorded and can then be shared with your GP or other healthcare professionals.

If you have any further questions regarding your MRI scan, please do call Avicenna Clinic on 0330 202 0597 and let one of its highly trained consultants put you at ease and talk you through the process.



Dr Hany Elmadbouh

Dr Hany Elmadbouh specialises in musculoskeletal radiology and offers a comprehensive musculo-skeletal diagnostic and intervention service. He has a special interest in spine imaging and intervention.  Hany has extensive experience as a consultant radiologist and became a full-time private radiologist in 2013.  He is founder and lead consultant of Avicenna Clinic. More>>