Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is a key speciality at Peterborough’s private healthcare Avicenna Clinic. Most MRI scans are performed personally by lead consultant and clinic founder Dr Hany Elmadbouh, a specialist musculoskeletal radiologist.

MRI scanning is a form of medical imaging that is used to investigate the anatomy and the functioning of the body and to detect disease. Unlike CT scans or X-rays, MRI scans use powerful magnetic fields and radio frequency pulses to generate very detailed images of organs, soft tissue, bones and other internal structures. An MRI scan can help doctors to diagnose complex conditions, plan treatments and assess ongoing treatment performance. It should be noted that the use of an MRI scanner means that the patient is not exposed to cancer-causing radiation.

Operating the only Open MRI scanner in Peterborough and the surrounding area, Avicenna Clinic is able to offer a more comfortable experience for nervous patients, those who suffer from claustrophobia, children and patients who wish to be accompanied whilst undergoing their scanning procedure.

Common Applications

MRI technology is commonly used to achieve a more accurate diagnosis, and it is also used at the clinic to practice image-guided intervention procedures, designed to circumvent chronic joint pain, avoiding, if not delaying the need for surgery.

What can I expect?

An MRI scan is routinely done as an outpatient procedure and most scans need no special preparation. It is best to wear clothing that does not have metal zips, buttons, clasps or other metal parts such as in underwired bras.

When you arrive at Avicenna Clinic for your scan you may be asked some questions about your health, previous operations, allergies and any medicines you are taking.

The MRI scan can take from 15 minutes to an hour, depending on the examination.

Please note that not everyone is suitable for having an MRI scan. For more details on what to expect, watch our video.

Same-day service

Avicenna Clinic offers a unique ‘one stop scan’ service utilising their Open MRI facility. Patients can talk through the procedure prior to the scan, have the examination and then talk through the results with the radiologist immediately afterwards. There is no need to wait for the results.

This is an exclusive imaging service offered at Avicenna Clinic and is the first of its kind in the Peterborough private healthcare sector.

The digital MRI scan images are recorded and can then be shared with your GP or other healthcare professionals.

If you have any further questions regarding your MRI scan, please do call Avicenna Clinic on 0330 202 0597 and let one of its highly trained consultants put you at ease and talk you through the process.


Dr Hany Elmadbouh

Dr Hany Elmadbouh specialises in musculoskeletal radiology and offers a comprehensive musculo-skeletal diagnostic and intervention service. He has a special interest in spine imaging and intervention. Hany has extensive experience as a consultant radiologist and became a full-time private radiologist in 2013. He is founder and lead consultant of Avicenna Clinic. More>>